Yasin (Kr)

Early Access+Apk

The description of Yasin (야신 : 신을 삼킨 자)

Fantasy MMORPG Yashin, who becomes God: Those who swallow God
Awaken the instinct behind me

Game Features
The story of them who have the power of God
Someday they will have the power of God through their unknown stories.

야신 : 신을 삼킨 자

Sayeonnam #warrior #attractiveshot #examination #always bright #mage

Gorgeous Graphics Covering the East and West
Proper combination of East and West! Gorgeous graphics! Cool hitting feeling!

야신 : 신을 삼킨 자

Beautiful #Landscape #Captivated #Amazed

Large-scale battle connecting multiples
A journey to revenge unfolding in a vast field

야신 : 신을 삼킨 자

In the war #Only the one who wins #Gets the answer #of the problem

Yashinhwa Transformation System
4 level Yashin transformation system and powerful and brilliant skill action

Beasts #Transformation #He who wants the power of God #assembles

야신 : 신을 삼킨 자

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