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Yongbi M (KR)

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The description of 용비불패M

The complete resurrection of the original story, the hidden story, and the delicacy of the original martial arts are fully realized in 2D.
The martial arts game that is far from the original, stop now ~ Find Yongbi disappearing from the screen with a simple touch, touch, and tap.

Super-luxurious action RPG DragonBee Unfailing M that you can have everything from the gold flower to the red dragon sword at the touch of a simple one-touch with both Gangho Moorim Jeongpa and Sapa!


The essence of Korea’s representative martial arts comics
-Naver webtoon expert! A masterpiece of Korean martial arts comics that goes beyond the original works of Ryu Ki-woon and Moon Jung-hoo. Stop watching with tickling curious! Feel the epic that goes beyond the original story!


What is the bounty hunter Dragonbi?
-The hidden story of the Black Spear Cavalry Captain Yongbi and the Yoma Drake. Their story is revealed just by looking at the spectacular passionate action! Get in the action and get drunk on the hidden story!


Endlessly growing red dragon sword!
-I will show you the end of what is the growth of the item! Items that grow with my hero!


Yongbi, Guhwi, and Hong Yemong are only girdle!
-Various contents faithfully embodied in the original work, such as Saheukryeon, Geumcheonbo, Bandit Subjugation, and bounty hunting!

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