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Your Emperica (ENG)

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The description of Your Emperica

Play Your Emperica, a good old real-time strategy (RPG) MMO RPG slant, one of the most addicting and addicting games in recent memory. You can build buildings, defensive structures, hire your army, improve everything that you have built, including the army.

And also, get resources, but do not forget that you need to protect them from the night attacks of various wickedness, which will direct you to kill all living things and destroy your empire.

Capture new territories, build defensive structures to protect them, and do not let other players seize your resources.

What will interest you in the game:

What we all love so much

Your Emperica

– Endless zombie mode. How many days can you hold out?
– Construction and improvement of your buildings
– Global improvement of buildings
– Leveling up your character
– Tournament mode, battle with other players in real time. (in the next updates)
– Using essence

The beauty of what is happening on your screen
– You will see crowds of zombies and other animals (or rather undead: D) on your phone screen while playing Your Emperica.
– The game is really addictive
– Using advanced graphics

Your Emperica

Upcoming Updates
– New branch of the company
– Multiplayer
– Greater bias in MMO
– Adding new buildings
– Adding different types of main character
Short tips for gameplay:

Your Emperica

1.Do not forget to pump your character and buildings, it will bring you an easier victory the next night.
2. You do not need to fully rely on the strength of your character, hire more soldiers, and build more defensive structures near resource-producing buildings.

You are the Emperor and leader of your lands. Don’t let anyone dispute this! Your people worship only you. So protect it and declare peace in your lands. Make your Empire richer by building new resource-producing buildings, but don’t forget about protecting them!

Do not forget to comment on the application, we will be glad to see healthy and well-formulated criticism!

Your Emperica
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