Your Majesty

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of ユアマジェスティ (by Donuts Co. Ltd.)


While the world is crumbling,
24 great souls summoned.

“Honor the king, and he shall be saved.”

In a world full of destruction,
A journey of justice and madness begins.

Features of Your Majesty

Serve the king and save the world
It is the duty of a vassal to protect the king!
Protect the kings who only think about defeating their enemies!


Attractive characters

All the kings who appear are arrogant and arrogant!
Experience the story of “justice” and “madness” spun by such kings!


Dedicated character song

Character songs sung by singers are prepared for all characters!
Unleash the strongest skills and singing voice in battle!
Unlimited listening to music in auto sortie!


Which will you choose, justice or madness?

When the top card grows, you can choose between a justice route and a madness route!
Use the king’s “justice” and “madness” to gain an advantage in battle!

Official website

Available: Google Play | App Store – JP


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