Ys 6 Online (JP)

Official release

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of イース6 オンライン (by Restar Games)

A new curtain of “Ys VI” opens.
Nihon Falcom’s popular RPG “Ys” series, which has continued for over 30 years, is now available as an app!
The stage is far west of the continent of Elesia. An adventurer swallowed by the great whirlpool of Canaan-Adol arrives at a beautiful isolated island inhabited by the “Ledas” who live with nature. Adol approaches the legend of the “winged man” and the mystery of its great heritage.

Legendary adventure is reborn
Adol Christine, who is called a red-haired adventurer, opens up a new adventure tan with the adventure fantasy of the main character becoming a smartphone online RPG.
Mainly the story of the original “Ys VI”, adding original stories such as past memories and intimate events, you can experience the “kindness” unique to the “Ys” series!

イース6 オンライン

Royal road adventure RPG, a wide variety of content
Equipped with adventure elements such as stadiums, co-op dungeons, and world events!
You can get luxurious rewards from various quests, and you can also trade with adventurers on the exchange!
Adventure freely in the world of Ys!

イース6 オンライン

The world of Ys expressed in high-quality art
Attractive characters appear in a novel way, and legendary bosses come back to this land!
The beautiful adventure stage “Canaan Islands” is even bigger! Welcome to the open world!

イース6 オンライン

Feel free to play exhilarating action battles
You can accurately activate your skills with your own dual stick operation, and you can enjoy splendid battles.
There are 4 basic professions and 8 types of high-ranking professions, and let’s utilize vocational skills and team cooperation to defeat the enemy with your friends!
It’s easy to play automatically, and when you’re busy, you can easily play it by leaving it alone!

イース6 オンライン

Full of communication elements, NPCs are your friends
With a convenient team-making system and adventure team, anyone can quickly find friends.
With a wealth of customization and stamps, you can deepen your friendship.
Emails from NPCs? Find the story of the characters!

イース6 オンライン

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