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Yul Kang W

Official Launch(KR) + APK

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The description of 열혈강호W (by RogueWave Inc.)

100 years ago, after Shinji’s civil war, the eighth generation of notations scattered to Moorim
‘Bongsingu’, who could not see the tyranny of ‘Zahamashin’, the culprit of all things,
He uses his own power to find a way to stop him.

However, in the end, the dimension is distorted by the wave of the destabilized vassal orb.
The energy of the vassal orb breaks the barrier and opens the ancient ice wall.

In the process, strange phenomena such as the appearance of a giant monster appeared.
The emergence of a new threat never seen before puts the Moorim people in crisis.

At this time, the call of ‘Hwaryongdo’ in search of a hero to save Moorim begins.
Finally, the two worlds resonate.

Master, are you ready to start…!

Unstoppable fun of ‘growth’

With fast equipment production and level-up without boredom
Ignite infinite potential!


A newcomer’s transformation ‘Hwansul’

Not only Han Bi-kwang, Dam Hwa-rin, but also Cheonma Gods and Zahamas!
Gorgeous martial arts unfolding as a character in the original with ‘phantom magic’


Precious relationship with ‘Moonpa’

Loyalty with the Moonpawon that shines even more in the rough midfield!
Join us on an adventure that will never end.


Legendary weapon ‘8th major notation’

A large-scale battle over the ‘8th major notation’ and Shinji veiled
Who will be the strongest in the midfield?

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