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Zengeon (CN)

Official Launch(Tap)

💡Platform – Android | Ios (CN)

The description of Zengeon (by IndieLeague)

“Above the Strange Door” is a mobile game of Taoist two-dimensional action.

Redemption, a world corrupted by desire.

At the time of the lunar eclipse, the seal was loosened, and the dark void that feeds on desire rushed to the heaven and blessed land. It repeats the misfortune in the ears of all creatures, causing it to be swallowed by desire. All confuses are for the devil’s coming to the world, and greater shadows and mysteries are quietly descending.

The students of the Fairy Teacher Academy repaired the broken magic seal under the guidance of the Nanzi Fairy Master. Through the repeated experience, the students spied the truth about fate and the night of the lunar eclipse…

“Is it me or the world that needs salvation?”

[Guo Man Dao Feng Awakening of Abilities]


Mandarin dubbing + POV perspective, immersed in the world of Taoism, everyone is the protagonist!

Forgotten memories are recurring and intertwined, whether you can escape the fate of reincarnation.

[Fortune-telling destiny, good day and auspicious day]

With the blessing of hexagrams, every battle is a new experience.

Good days and bright days, the battle must take advantage of the trend.

【Avenger and Soul, Qimen Baipai】


Divine soul, afterimage, runes, spiritual tools, multiple off-field effects blessings, build your own exclusive genre, open an unreproducible combat experience, and dig out hidden adventures.

[Promise Fantasy Realm, Hot Blood Challenge]


A refreshing feast of mowing grass, unlimited stacking of BUFFs, and the dark imaginary tricks, explore the way of infinity.

There is even a gossip battlefield where you can team up to eat chicken. Decipher the mystery, break the formation and rush the enemy.


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