Zero Domain Battlefront (CN)


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The description of Zero Domain Battlefront(零域戰線) by ALICE GAME

“Zero Domain Battlefront” is an AI beautiful girl immersive card RPG, created by Japan’s top artists and voice actors! Immersive plot experience, exclusive agents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, ultra-high-quality LIVE2D technology, unlimited simulation draws for novices, the zero domain battle line is waiting for you to join!

In the future world of rapid development of electronic technology, human society has realized information sharing and entered a new era of “brain-computer”.
After the sixth industrial revolution, mankind relied on the “brain machine” to create the “zero domain” world. “Zero Domain” combines the virtual space and the real space in real time and seamlessly! Human consciousness can wander freely in the “Zero Domain” and realize immortality in consciousness!
However, light is always accompanied by shadows, and the mysterious electronic disaster “avalanche” detonates in chains all over the world. Modern civilization is on the verge of destruction. The survivors have experienced a long migration and created a new hope-a city on the sea! .
With the use of highly developed technology, the maritime urban civilization is rapidly rebuilt, but under the prosperity is an unfathomable unknown crisis.

Zero Domain Battlefront

As the “commander” of the maritime city, you need to use super-high brain power to sneak into the consciousness space, capture the information in the undercurrent, and uncover the secrets behind the prosperity!

The “commander” is not fighting alone. The agents will accompany the “commander” to dive into the deep sea of ​​consciousness at the cost of sacrificing part of their personality, surmount numerous obstacles, break through the cruel reality, and jointly play the chapter of battle!
====Game Features====
[Top seiyuu artist, creating an audio-visual feast]
-Japanese first-line seiyuu group dubbing, top-notch painters make it, and strive to create high-quality two-dimensional beautiful girl agents! Join the Zero Field front and fight side by side with young detectives of different personalities, and play the chapter of battle together.

Zero Domain Battlefront

-Kigimiya Rie, Hanazawa Coriander, Meino Ai, Hikasa Yoko, Yukibi, Horie Yui, Ono Tomagi, Tanada Risa, Sakura Ayane, Saito Chiwa, Izawa Shiori, Takeda Rarisa, Fujimura Hanatone, Mimori Suzu, Saito Zhunatsu, Sakai Aimi, Shimada Saki, Nogami Yukana, Fukuyama Yuka, Hidaka Rina, Iguchi Yuka, Ito Shizu…

[Novice unlimited simulation card draw, six star agents are at your fingertips! 】
-No need to worry about luck, the perfect start is up to you! Unique and innovative infinite simulation card drawing system, the fun of drawing cards is endless, only when you are satisfied! Exclusive benefits for new users, novices will have six-star agents in ten consecutive games, and immediately select your best partner to accompany you to explore the world of Zero Domain!

Zero Domain Battlefront

[Exclusive agents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, the six-star “Obbi Moon” is here! 】
-The exclusive agent “Ozuki” from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan joins the Zero Domain family! Participate in the pre-login activity and receive your exclusive agent after going online! She is born in Taiwan and Japan, how to follow the commander through the crisis in the maritime city where the crisis is everywhere, so stay tuned!

[Open-ended character exclusive plot, immersive two-dimensional experience! 】
-Unlock the character’s exclusive story, explore the story behind each agent, and become the best commander in their hearts! Open-ended plot ending, your choice will determine the ultimate fate of the agent! The infinite construction of multiple world lines, rich and interesting random events, and immersive plot experience will take you into the world of zero domain in the second dimension!

Zero Domain Battlefront

[Full role Live2D, real touch interactive experience! 】
-The industry’s top LIVE2D technology production, innovative touch dynamic interactive experience! The sexy, hot, sexy and straightforward Ozuki, the cute but courageous Mori Chikage who is brave enough to fight to guard the world of Zero, and the pink long-haired temperament goddess Reina, restore the real image of the agent in the original flavor. Commander, join us and have a close date with your agent!

[Pre-war layout strategy competition, RogueLike random experience surprises constantly]
-Easy operation, casual and interesting pre-battle layout gameplay, high-quality 3D combat system, smooth and dazzling fighting special effects! The game also has interesting RogueLike random event gameplay, every experience is a new feeling!

Zero Domain Battlefront

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