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Official Launch + Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of 鐘之境 (by MSK Limited)

Push away the thorns, open the gates, and make the flowers bloom-awaken the sleeping knight and experience a dreamlike encounter
Mother disappeared in a fire in the library, leaving only you and your brother dependent on each other. Three years later, you and your brother accidentally crossed the realm of the clock through the pocket watch left by your mother in the library.
Zhongzhijing is a hub leading to various fairy tales. You are told that your mother was originally the queen of Zhongzhijing. The disappearance of the queen has caused Zhongzhijing to collapse; the manager of Zhongzhijing Luo Er asks you to take the responsibility to save Zhongzhi You need to approach the truth step by step and solve the mystery of your own life experience in the process of searching for your mother.

Game features:
[Great world beautiful chapter experience]
Cross to the realm of the clock and experience the colorful fairy tale world
Every adventure is a novel experience.


[Wonderful plot, heart-wrenching memories]
Wonderful plot prepared with ingenuity, heal your heart
Experience the touch of bit by bit.


[Sweet Encounter and Sweet Interaction with the Guardian]
Exquisite character CG, experience every heart-warming encounter
Collect the guardians and build your own adventure group.


【Wonderful battle, gorgeous battle experience】
Gorgeous skill effects and combat CG, bringing beautiful combat style
Easily and quickly, reduce liver degree.


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