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Zombie Boss

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Zombie Boss (by Puzala)

How will you survive in a world full of zombies?

In Zombie Boss, you can control the army of zombies to fight for you. After you acquire the mysterious zombie transforming technology, you can even control the giant zombie monster – THE TROLL. With its power coordinated with different heroes, you can play out some awesome deck strategies in battle.

– Select heroes to lead zombies. Use tactics to achieve victories
You can choose from dozens of different heroes in the field and lead waves of zombies to defeat the enemy. The proper combination of heroes’ skills makes your army stronger and helps you dominate the battlefield!

Zombie Boss

– Build your desired homeland
Various unique structures and ornaments lie in wait for you to discover. Expand your land, put up buildings, use your imagination, and command the little zombies to create a happy home.

Zombie Boss

– Explore the wilderness on the back of a giant zombie.
The hulking walker you’ve tamed is a valuable ally. It can transport your heroes and assist you in combat.
Use tactics to dodge damage, focus fire, and strike at your command. Win battles with the swipe of fingers. Fix the road and travel far. Witness the wonders of the wilderness during each journey.

Zombie Boss

– Expand the territory with allies and join fierce PvP battles.
Prepare an army of zombies and work together with your allies in a variety of PvP game modes and get a good taste of the art of warfare.
Charge, assault, besiege. Coordinating your army elaborately to expand your territory step by step and uncover the ultimate secrets of the world along with an unflinching spirit

– Fight to control the command center. The winner is king.
Lead the world. Defeat more and more powerful enemies. And take over more and more difficult areas.
The Ruler’s Capital sits in the middle of the world, ready to be taken over by the strongest alliance. Will you be its long-awaited master?

Available: Google Play – US, CA, UK

Zombie Boss
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