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Zombie Mobile

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The description of Zombie Mobile (by Bolingo Games)

When the horrible zombie plague “Eden Virus” dominated the whole world in 2060, all people were in panic. After this desperate century lasted for 20 years, mysterious radio refired hope in people’s hearts. People need a hero, a leader to save this world from chaos and find the antidotes in the forbidden area full of zombies.
You are the most trusted leader of the survivors in Zombie Mobile, following the guidance of the mysterious radio and leading the fearless survivors to the dangerous forbidden areas. Form alliances with other leaders, fly airships to discover unknown areas, step by step from the edge of the forbidden zone to the dangerous core, and build a solid core fortress until you become the real ruler of the forbidden zone.

Free march and explore
The Forbidden Area is full of variables, and you and your troops are part of that infinite variability: under your command, your troops are free to go anywhere in the Forbidden Area, to guard the main roads between the mountains, to explore the corners of the deep swamps, to burst through the cracks of the zombies, and to shuttle back and forth between the huge beasts.
Show your superior strategy and command in free march – ambush the enemy, shoot the zombies, blitz the stronghold, lure the enemy deep, all in the forbidden zone in real time, victory or defeat is in your mind.

Zombie Mobile

Real-Time Battles
Combat is the undeniable main theme of this era, and the real-time battles in “Zombie Mobile” will bring you an incomparably exciting post-apocalyptic war experience.
The battlefield is ever-changing, and troops are always at your disposal. By moving in time to avoid the zombie, beast, or the skills of the enemy commander, timely replacement of heavy casualties with fully loaded troops, and joining the battles from the flank. In real-time battle, the fight and attack is no longer just a numerical encounter, but a battle of strategy and courage.

Zombie Mobile

Seamless World Map
Build your shelter, defeat giant living dead, fight with your enemies, and you can do all of these things on a single, enormous map. “Zoom infinite” function allows you transit perspective between your shelter and world map. Feel every single river, mountain, or defeat dread zombie on the map.

Zombie Mobile

Six unique survivors’ camp
You can choose any one of them in Shogunate, Central Coalition,
Allience of Pioneer, Sejong Dynasty, Steel International and
Perseus which is based on the real world. Each camp has its architecture and special advantages. Want to know which camp will get the final antidote?

Zombie Mobile

Hunting beats and casting weapons
The Forbidden Area is a dangerous and unpredictable place where the “natives” are not only mindless zombies – there is also the ancient dead from the past, the unquiet spirits of the last war, the horrible spirits that drowned at the bottom of the sea. They should not exist in this time, and you will lead the survivors to defeat them.
Form a “Hunting Guild” with other leaders and take on these secretive and horrific living dead.
They are your prey.
Track them, hunt them, take down the massive beasts, extract precious and exotic materials from their shells, create equipment that is either powerful or indestructible, take valuable loot and use it to arm your powerful army and loyal commanders.

Rich storyline and exciting battles
How the human being infected by the zombie plague 20 years ago, the war broke out, the dead rise while the living wither. What has happened to the whole world, what have the people of Survivors’ Camp experienced before stepping into the Forbidden Area? What is the past of the 30 commanders under your command? Time has lowered the curtain and mystery for the deserted history, the truth and cause and effect are waiting for you to discover and reveal.
In “Battle Mode” of Zombie Mobile, you will experience the waves of the century, feel the blooding and tears of commanders from the first perspective, find your answer, and belief, and give us your thoughts.

Available: Google Play – US, CA, HK

Zombie Mobile

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