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Zombie Origins: The Evil Village

Early access(CA, US, PH and other countries) + Apk

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Zombie Origins (by Strategy Gamez)

When evil forces were spreading in Europe at the end of the 19th century, the Black Order created monster zombies with witchcraft, aiming to rule to world. As a Survivor in the game, you will need to improve your strength, employ strategies, and ally with global players against zombies! Together we survive the apocalypse!

Game Features:

Upgrade Your Heroes
Recruit various heroes with unique skills and attributes, train and upgrade them to help you survive. Also, you can reset heroes to free yourself from worry about misspending resources.

Zombie Origins: The Evil Village

Strategic Tower Defense
Choose your heroes wisely, deploy them at the right place, and find the best chance to release hero skills. Utilize your strategies to fight against the swarm of zombies! Stay safe!

Zombie Origins: The Evil Village

Real-Time Combat
Control your troops to move on various terrains and join real-time combats. Note that these terrains will influence the marching route of your troops!

Zombie Origins: The Evil Village

Alliance Territory
You cannot survive the zombie apocalypse alone! Seek like-minded players to form an alliance and have each other’s back in the apocalypse. You can also build and expand the territory of your alliance to gain more resources for survival!

Zombie Origins: The Evil Village

The Mist & Airship
The whole world is shrouded in a strange mist created by the Black Order. You need to drive your airship to conquer the strongholds of the Black Order, dispel the mist and bring the whole world to the light again! You are the beacon of hope in the apocalypse!

Zombie Origins: The Evil Village

Attention: Zombie Origins: The Evil Village is a free-to-play zombie war game, while some items and functions are available through in-game purchases.

Zombie Origins: The Evil Village
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