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Zombie Royale-Survive Battle Shooter

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Zombie Royale (by Zombie Royale Studio)

Enter the arena where your main goal is to survive by moving to start a shooting game where you need to shoot other zombies with your weapons and become the last survivor!
Develop your strategy, blast your enemies, loot power-ups and make yourself stronger in one of the most fun and adrenaline-filled battle royale arenas ever!

Zombie Royale-Survive Battle Shooter

How to play
-Simple and easy to learn, move and shoot enemies with guns
-Tackle zombies and defeat enemies in the shortest time possible
-Battle with real players in a massive battle scene
-Multiple maps for you to start looting mode
-Upgrade equipment and heroes

Zombie Royale-Survive Battle Shooter

Game Features
-No time limit, challenging and easy shooting game
-Top-down free-fire in crazy zombie mayhem
-Upgrade a variety of heavyweight weaponry and loot for more power-ups
-Addictive and unstoppable battle royale io game
-Upgrade various skins for you to choose from and unlock the most adorable zombies
-Multiple levels for you to challenge!

Zombie Royale-Survive Battle Shooter
Zombie Royale-Survive Battle Shooter
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