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Phun Wars: Multiplayer FPS Game

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Phun Wars (by Phun Games.)

Join free-to-play first person shooter game Phun Wars today and battle against your friends and rivals anywhere and anytime in the world! Select from an arsenal of weapons in store and show them off on the battlefield!

– Play Online or Locally.
– Up to 6 players in a room.
– Add your friends and join their matches!
– Customize your guns with unique skins and attachments!
– 4 Unique maps that is all free to play on! Port, Undead, Racer, Fantasy and more to come!
– Chat available to talk with friends on the battlefield!
– 5 Online game modes: Death Match: Survival of the fittest, Team Battle: Team up with your friends and dominate, Gun Game: Kill mutant zombies roaming the many maps, Capture the flag: , Defuse the bomb: More modes coming soon!
– Multiple guns to choose from: Snipers, Grenades, Assasult rifles, Miniguns, Axes, Shotguns, UZI, AK and many more!
– Choose from a vast selection of armour to protect you in battle!
– Dozens of unique characters to unlock!
– Use your strategies and skills to climb up the leaderboard!
– Create your clan and destroy your rivals!
– Customize your controls to your liking!

Phun Wars: Multiplayer FPS Game
Phun Wars: Multiplayer FPS Game
Phun Wars: Multiplayer FPS Game
Phun Wars: Multiplayer FPS Game

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