Zombieland Survival

Early Access(BETA)+Apk

Duration – 2020/7/15 – 2020/7/27

The description of Zombieland Survival

Welcome to a land after the zombie apocalypse. You are the captain, the only force able to defeat the incoming waves of zombies. But you’re not alone, recruit heroes to join your squad, for the never-ending zombie waves will not stop attacking you. Your very brave and loyal Corgi will also accompany and help you face this enormous challenge.

Zombieland Survival

Enjoy developing various skills designed to make you increasingly more powerful. Explore unique strategies and tactics, and stack up your ultimate skills against the powerful zombies that will never give up. Victory belongs to your tremendous team with a strong faith. Heroes, wipe-out and kill all the zombies!

Key Features:
– Addictive Gameplay uses single finger control to attack incoming zombie waves
– Combine your rogue heroes to experience powerful and different ways of fighting
– Upgrade your skills to fight zombies using powerful special skills and combinations

– Unlock a roster of heroes with unique abilities to explore, and level-up your favorite hero to become increasingly more powerful
– Hundreds of skills can be combined as you develop your own unique strategies and tactics

Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community.

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