Zombies Bang


Official Launch

Here comes the zombies!

This is a dungeon game that you can critically attack zombies with a single finger operation, as well as massive weapons waiting for your research and upgrade. Unique biochemical skills will help you to successfully explore 999+ random levels!

Game Features

Zombies Bang

-Random dungeon and new experience every time!

The random dungeon gameplay, combined with the super simple AI automatic aiming mechanism, allows you to use a single finger operation.
It’s so fun that it doesn’t stop!

Zombies Bang

-Plenty of powerful weapons.

Defeat the boss to get different equipments.
Equipment training, various pets, massive weapons are waiting for you to explore!

-Multiple types of skills

Attack, burst, dodge, and health recovery!
Different skill choices have different battle results!
Use the right skills to clear the level!

Zombies Bang Gameplay Android | New Mobile Game
Status: Official Launch Google Play
Zombies Bang Gameplay Android | New Mobile Game
💡 Google Play- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.indie.sbndt.ft
💡 Apk – https://apkcombo.com/ru-ru/apk-downloader/?q=com.indie.sbndt.ft

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