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City of Greed: Cyber Rodent – Official iOS

Official Launch – Gobal + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of City of Greed:Cyber Rodent (by YK GAME)

In a future world that is highly technologically advanced but plunged into disaster, a horrifying bio-catastrophe erupts, turning the majority of humanity into rampaging bio-monsters, while infected organisms continue to spread and proliferate. Simultaneously, cities suffer immense destruction, and people find themselves in a state of panic and chaos.

The player assumes the role of a biochemist who, at the onset of the catastrophe, becomes trapped in an abandoned laboratory. In this laboratory, the player inadvertently discovers a unique bio-virus capable of controlling and altering the genetic makeup of living organisms. In order to survive and find a solution, the player decides to utilize this virus, injecting it to enhance their own body, transforming into a cyber rodent to gain powerful abilities while maintaining sanity to combat the mutated bio-monsters.

City of Greed:Cyber Rodent

As the player embarks on an adventure in the abandoned city, they find companions to fight alongside. Together, they strive for a glimmer of hope in the midst of the disaster, aiming to rescue the world from its dire straits and rebuild their homes.

“City of Greed: Cyber Rodent” is a hardcore action-survival game.

Main Gameplay:

Players actively engage enemies, avoid their attacks, collect gems for upgrades, and continuously acquire skills and buffs in each level.
Engage in a prolonged battle against the monster legion, challenging who can survive the longest until the battlefield closes, marking the completion of the level.

City of Greed:Cyber Rodent

Squad Gameplay:

At the start, players choose a character and rescue new characters by operating them.
Each character possesses unique skills, and players can have a maximum of three characters per game. Proper coordination between characters enhances the chances of survival.

City of Greed:Cyber Rodent

Treasure System:

Players can obtain treasures by opening chests, categorized into four types: Wisdom, Willpower, Strength, and Wealth.
Treasures come in three qualities: Rare, Excellent, and Epic. Players can use items and coins to upgrade and promote treasures. Excellent and Epic treasures create bonds, providing additional bond effects.

City of Greed:Cyber Rodent

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