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Pinocchio Hero : IDLE RPG


💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Pinocchio Hero : IDLE RPG (PLUNDERGAMES)

The Adorable but Powerful, the hero everyone has been waiting for, is coming now!

Don’t miss Spectacular Actions with the variety of weapons
Bone-breaking Mallets! Accurate Bows&Arrows! Unbreakable Swords! All-Round Magic Staffs! Pinocchio automatically switches weapons to defeat monsters whether they are close or far. You don’t have enough time to be fed up with same weapon.

Pinocchio Hero : IDLE RPG

All Skills are Automatic
Pinocchio uses skills without your tapping. All you need to do is just equipping him good skills, and watching your Pinocchio swiping the battlefield with dynamic skill effects!

Pinocchio Hero : IDLE RPG

Cut, Cut, Cut, and Get!
Pinocchio is the Excellent Liar so his nose grows so fast. You can’t just stand to cut nose and take materials!

Pinocchio Hero : IDLE RPG

Nice Looking Costumes
Play and get costumes to make your Pinocchio dandy.

Pinocchio Hero : IDLE RPG

Pinocchio never sleeps
Pinocchio the mighty wooden puppet continues beating monsters, even if you’re in asleep. Wake up at any time and powered up Pinocchio will wait for you!

Available: Google Play – PH

Pinocchio Hero : IDLE RPG


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