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Pixel Archmage

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Pixel Archmage (by Super Planet)

Meteors are falling on the Starane continent…!
And all living creatures are turning into vicious monsters.

The world needs the Archmage’s help!
Master all forms of magic to bring back peace!

Beautiful pixel graphics
That’s the one! Just what I was looking for!
Adorable pixel characters come to life with vivid effects.
Dive into the mesmerizing pixel world!

Pixel Archmage

Explosive damage! Blinding magic effects
Cast destructive magic skills to wipe out the monsters!
Choose between 6 types of skills to conquer the entire map.
You can become the ultimate Archmage!

Pixel Archmage

Skyrocket to higher levels! Quick and easy growth
Loot effortlessly and grow at blazing-fast speed!
Get Legendary staves in no time!
Max out your sense of accomplishment!

Pixel Archmage

Delightful & Satisfying collectibles!
From relics, equipment, monster collections,
to the legendary grimoires hidden inside the tower!
Get incredible rewards and power through!

Pixel Archmage

Go face-to-face with the Giant Boss!
Fight the ultimate duel against the orc boss in the arena!
Climb the leaderboard to prove your power.

Pixel Archmage
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