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Greed Game

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Greed Game (by Studio Dois Private Limited)

Assemble your team and venture into PvPvE Dungeon Crawler world with your friends. presents a Win Or Lose It ALL world, where high risk leads to high return. May the chance stands by you as you delve into the deep dungeon.


Game Features

Dungeon Exploration
Explore the furthest depths of the dungeon, where every corner may hide unknown treasures and dangers. Search for treasure chests, collect rare treasures, and bolster your chances of survival to your journey.


PvPvE Combat
In this dark arena, you must engage in battles against not only evil monsters but also other players. Defeat them, claim their treasures and equipments as your spoils, and emerge as the ultimate survivor.


Classes and Tactics
Craft a distinctive combat style by mixing classes, abilities and gears. Whether you choose to be a Warrior, a Ranger, or a wizard, each decision reshapes your tactical approach, affecting your chance to survive in the dungeon.


Risk V.S Reward
Every adventure into the dungeon is a bet, where you choose the level of investment in gears and props before the match. The gains made within the game can be extracted and saved for future battles. The bold who emrace risks will reap grand rewards.


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