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Empire of Crime

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Empire of Crime (by SkyRise Digital Pte. Ltd.)

Become a gangster, establish your own clan, manage and operate your Megalopolis, engage in real battles and struggles with other clans, and use your power and wisdom to write a legendary path that belongs only to you in the underworld!

Your once loyal clan has abandoned you. Your brothers who used to risk their lives now have hidden agendas. The city that you once fought to conquer has fallen into enemy hands. In the five years you spent in prison, everything has changed. In the eyes of others, you are now just a nobody. But now you have returned. This Megalopolis yearns for a new ruler. Gather your former subordinates, reclaim everything that belongs to you, and become a legend in the underworld!

Clan Property
“Control the industry, control your destiny!”
Establish your clan’s territory in the violent streets of crime, take over various underworld properties, control all resources, and become the influential figure in this Megalopolis!

Empire of Crime

Underground King
“Let your fists do the talking and become the Underground King!”
Recruit underground boxers, train them to become kings of the underground, and win reputation and rewards. Rule the underworld and make your clan famous!

Empire of Crime

Lady Companions
“I want both luxury cars and beautiful ladies!”
Meet beautiful ladies from different regions and provide them with shelter as a gang leader. After the gunshots and battles each day, you can have dates with them in your private mansion, using your charm to captivate them in your own way!

Empire of Crime

Sin City
“Wealth is for the powerful.”
Our Aureate Empire cannot be limited to just one Megalopolis. Being content with the status quo will only lead to being trampled upon by others. Speak with strength, seize resources and occupy cities from other players, participate in multiplayer battles, and witness the rise of numerous Aureate Empires!

Empire of Crime

Dominate the World
“Don’t mess with me, you can’t imagine the consequences!”
As the boss, you can establish your own clan, invite like-minded people to join, increase your influence together, conquer hostile clans worldwide, and let them know who the true ruler of the world is!

Available: Google Play – US

Empire of Crime

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