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Battlemage Idle

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Battlemage Idle (by Super Planet)

“Explooosion!!! Destroy them with your magic powers!”

The girl with her staff is here to conquer the otherworld!
This is where the story begins for the trainee mage, on her journey for the greatest power.
Join our little mage, Lia, and her adorable spirit, Coco, on their adventures to becoming a legend!

Intense battles! Magic action RPG!
The perfect Hack & Slash game
for your battlemage to decimate the battlefield!

Battlemage Idle

Infinite growth! Grow stronger than anyone else!
Take hold of incredible power with promotions and research, and collect new magic skills!
Gather equipment items and find the most powerful combination of strategy and skills

Battlemage Idle

Just the way you like it! Dressed to kill
Try on costumes that suit your unique taste, and get stat boosts!
Set out on your adventures with the adorable and powerful companion spirit

Battlemage Idle

Utmost power! Fight and conquer!
Conquer stages and dungeons to conquer the otherworld
Step beyond your limits to become the ultimate mage!

Battlemage Idle

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