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Royal Pirate

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Royal Pirate (by Colocess)

The ocean nurtures all things, the stars gaze upon beings. The world undergoes tumultuous changes, yet the waves and stars remain constant. As continents sink and sea levels rise, sealed stories echo within the waves. And you, as the chosen captain, have been granted the opportunity to unlock the secrets of this world. Decaying ruins, diverse companions, and the curtain of a story await your unveiling.
So, are you ready to “set sail”?

Automatic placement battles, Free your hands
Rally a crew of unique pirates, and your mud legs will fight for you automatically!
Obtain legendary equipment and mythic heroes with ease by waiting!
Even while offline, you’ll still receive generous rewards!

Royal Pirate

Strategic Gameplay, Endless Fun
Over 100 heroes from various factions, hundreds of distinct skills!
Collect and forge rare weapon equipment to significantly enhance your combat power!
Perfect equipment combinations and rich strategies allow for easy and enjoyable gaming through simple operations.

Royal Pirate

Diverse Gameplay, Rich Social Interaction, Shared Adventures
Placement, battle, collection, nurturing, maritime exploration, mysterious treasures!
Changing lineups and companion positions to truly triumph over strength with weakness, experiencing rich strategic depth!
Collect a massive array of exquisite cards, unlock bond bonuses, and assemble from 12 major factions and 83+ characters to dominate the seas as a pirate king!

Royal Pirate

Unbounded Passion, Pirate Alliance
Challenge formidable alliance bosses!
Seize dominion over the seas, becoming the unrivaled ruler!
Form the mightiest pirate alliance with fellow captains and create a legendary feast!

Royal Pirate

Global Players, Pinnacle Competition
Join the arena and engage in thrilling PvP battles against players from around the world!
Launch fierce assaults on the rankings and ultimate glory, reaping powerful spoils!”

Available: Google Play – MY, SG


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