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Café Maid – Cute Anime Girls

💡 Platform – Android

In Cafe Maid, you take on the role of a café manager who maintains a lively café with a staff of cute maids. While the girls take care of the guests’ needs, you can flirt with them, take them on dates and learn more of their personalities. Through playing, you will unlock further customization options both for the girls’ outfits, as well as the café’s design.

Complete tasks around the café for the girls, give them gifts and take them on dates to unlock deeper, ever more intimate story threads with them in engaging back and forth conversations, and a new 3D scene at the end of each story chapter.

Café Maid - Cute Anime Girls

There are various ways to please your guests, and you determine which girl works which spot in the café. Ranging from tea and cake tables to gaming and karaoke spots, Café Maid will surely make your guests feel welcome and at home. As your café prospers, you unlock more slots, pick new visuals for your café, and upgrade your brand skills from the profit you earned.

Café Maid - Cute Anime Girls

By taking the girls on dates and flirting with them, you will earn points that allow you to train them to become better maids and bring the café to success.

Café Maid - Cute Anime Girls

As your café progresses and you complete tasks, you will unlock more outfit choices for the maids, and further customization options for your café’s design. Would you rather welcome guests into a casino, a cinema or a beach? Would you rather your maids are dressed in bunny suits, as ninjas or as secretaries, or just have them all dressed casually? It is all up to you as the café’s owner.

Café Maid - Cute Anime Girls

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