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Mini Heroes: Mars’ Squad

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Mini Heroes: Mars’ Squad (by MAX GAME PTE.LTD.)

Super awesome bumper adventure placement RPG!
Step into the different world of the tribe with the little brave Ama and embark on an adventure journey of becoming stronger!

Put it on AFK to upgrade the Buddhist system
Log in to enjoy rich offline idle rewards, and hero upgrades are no longer a problem!
Nourish the liver and protect the liver. You can stop playing at any time, even if you play to lose weight!

Mini Heroes: Mars' Squad

Contact battle, simply get the upper hand
Fresh collision-style combat allows you to more intuitively see the handsome skills and combat effects of different heroes!
Rush forward, bounce back, and enhance the team’s strength in the back and forth collisions!

Mini Heroes: Mars' Squad

Recruiting brave men, strategic matching
More than 40 heroes debut! 4 professions and rich hero skills, combined with talents, glyphs, artifacts and other gameplay systems!
Enjoy the ever-changing tactics and use strategies to build the strongest team in the different world of the tribe!

Mini Heroes: Mars' Squad

Freedom to develop, unlimited possibilities
All resources are returned, generals are exchanged without loss, and through one-click rebirth, 100% of upgrade materials are returned!
There is no useless hero, all members can advance, say bye bye to dog food!

Easy fishing, just sit back and wait for the bait
Tired of touching? Come fish and relax!
Unlock different fishing grounds and complete the fish illustration! Feel the joy of being a fisherman and at the same time improve your hero’s attributes!


Official Launch – AM, SEA, Oceania


Official Launch – TW, HK, MO, MY, SG

Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO, MY, SG

Mini Heroes: Mars' Squad

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