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Eastern – iOS

Early access – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Eastern (by 元域网络)

This is a magical turn-based idle game.
The game features a European and American magical cartoon semi-realistic style, creating a fantastic sprite world.
You will journey to a mysterious and fantastical elf world, forming bonds with sprites to search for the long-lost Tree of Life.


Here, you can:
– Assemble sprites of different elements to build a unique team.
– Explore and gather abundant resources easily while idling.
– Experiment with versatile skill combinations and study various combat styles.
– Develop different cryptic attributes and pursue unique class sets.
– Roam magical relics for adventures and effortlessly acquire treasures.
– Help each other with your friends and progress together with your village.


Available: Google Play | App Store – TH, ID, TW, PH, etc…


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