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Three Kingdoms War Chess

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

Languages: Chinese

The description of 策魂三國 (by YIGUANG GAMES)

Plan the world, and compete with the heroes! “Three Kingdoms” is an orthodox Three Kingdoms-themed hexagonal chess game that truly restores large-scale battlefields. In the game, the player plays the role of a lord who creates a hegemony, with the main goal of dominating the country, and fights against various forces in the game.


As a hard-core strategy masterpiece, it is highly recommended by millions of strategists! This is not a simple Three Kingdoms game, nor is it a routine card game. It has multiple strategic dimensions, vast battlefields, unique general skills, and ever-changing battlefield situations. The game focuses on war chess strategy and refuses to be thoughtless. Only excellent commanders can win the final victory.


1. Original battle levels. The game is based on the Three Kingdoms period and has carefully designed multiple battle levels, such as the Burning of New Wilderness, the Battle of Guandu, and the Three Heroes’ Battle with Lu Bu. Each level is full of historical atmosphere, allowing you to be on the scene and experience the bravery and pride of the Three Kingdoms era.


2. Rich game terrain. Diverse terrains such as mountains, rivers, woods, and villages give the game rich strategic elements. Players need to make full use of the characteristics of different terrains and formulate appropriate tactics to win.


3. Fair competition and real-time battles. In the numerically balanced PVP mode, the fairness of the game is fully guaranteed, and krypton gold is no longer the magic weapon for victory. Here, only the strongest players will have the last laugh.


4. Massive combinations, strategy is king. Rich types of soldiers, generals, as well as various tactics, strategies, stunts, and treasures provide players with infinite possible combinations. You can build a unique lineup according to your own preferences and team needs, and enjoy the fun of strategic formation.


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