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Champions Arena

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Champions Arena (by Sun Games Inc.)

Jump into the fascinating world of “Champion’s Arena,” where a player starts a marvelous journey of skill, strategy, and triumph. This role playing and strategic game will boost your adrenaline and gives you thrill of real life arena like experience.

In “Champion’s Arena,” you play the role of a fighter, running wild in the wilderness with a hope to survive the beasts. Your journey begins as you step onto the arena where you need to survive not only the monsters but dragons too. On top of that, you will meet enemy champions who will rush to kill you anytime.

Champions Arena

AI-controlled enemy will test your skill and patience. So, be ready to give them a good fight. You will get to play with different types of champions who will have different kinds of abilities from short range sword attack to long range bullet gun. Block incoming attacks, target and attack the enemy, and kill the dragon of opponent to push them back. Finally, destroy their wall to claim a victory.

Champions Arena

As you progress through “Champions Arena,” you’ll earn gold, cash, unlock new champions, and move ahead with new levels of difficulty. Pick your path wisely, as each decision influences your growth as a champion within the arena. Gather as much gold as possible by damaging enemy, candy monsters, snail and dragon.

Champions Arena

The heart of the game lies within the Arena itself – build your champion stronger with every damage dealt to enemies and progress further. The environment of arena carries the mountains, forests, ruins and many more other hidden surprises. Never underestimate opponents, as they can sneak behind your back to get a easy kill. Always, be aware of your surroundings.

Compete in solo challenges, and team-based battles.

With stunning graphics and immersive soundscapes, “Champions Arena” promises an mind-blowing gaming experience that provides the hype of joy, thrill and satisfaction. Arena awaits you. Are you ready?

Champions Arena

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