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Expected January 3

The description of 루시다 (by Mine Rva Games HK Limited)

The beautiful continent of Lucida in the distant and mysterious star Omega.
All things were conceived here and grew freely.

In the jungle, where everything seemed peaceful, no one noticed hundreds of times of rebuilding, reversal of destruction, and wriggling ambition.

Then one day, an ominous light turned into a sign of destruction and crashed into Lucida, and civilization began to write again.

You, who appeared as the last savior when the star that has already been destroyed countless times are eagerly waiting for the last savior… How can I really save this planet?

A new tribal life in prehistoric times!
Create your own tribal village in Lucida and live with your fellow natives!
With unique AI interaction technology, more than 1,000 conversations can occur depending on the environment.
Uncover their hidden stories and Lucida’s secrets with Quests and Hidden Quests, each time with new conversations!


Over 100 prehistoric aboriginal companions!
More than 100 unique prehistoric companions await you in Lucida Ω-9423!
Write your own adventure story by joining them in your own tribe and making a deep connection!


Thrilling strategy battle adventure and various ability combinations!
Enjoy the thrill of turning the tide of battle at once with Lucida’s creative battlefield layout and real-time strategy combat!
Also, combine over 100 abilities of characters at will to become the strongest tribe!


High-quality illustrations and sounds with craftsmanship!
A famous Japanese illustrator participates in the production and presents lovely and fresh character visuals with Live2D full of liveliness!
Japan’s professional sound team reproduces the fierce battle in the wilderness with vivid dynamics, and feels a new sense of immersion by fully utilizing the sensibility of tribal life with delicate rhythms!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – KR


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