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Dark and Darker Mobile

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dark and Darker Mobile (by KRAFTON)

CBT Dates: April 24–28

Based on the medieval low fantasy universe and its look and feel, Dark and Darker Mobile presents you with an interesting and immersive experience with the integration of survival aspects of battle royale, adventure of dungeon crawler, and role-playing components of RPG.

Become the first in the world! Become the adventurer to bring light to darkness!

PvPvE Battle Experience!

From PVE aspects of fighting against various monsters in the dark dungeons to loot the trophy

to PVP aspects of defeating other players to loot their items, Dark and Darker Mobile provides an immersive PvPvE battle experience.

Dark and Darker Mobile

Diverse Classes and Skills of Medieval Low Fantasy Look and Feel

– Experience the five classes with unique characteristics. Come up with different combinations with friends to test your survival from a battle royale in the dungeon!

– Different battle experiences for different class combinations! Taste a thrilling victory by forming a strategic party!

– Experience the different sense of control that differs from one class to another!

– ‘Fighter,’ the tanker who leads the battle with sword and shield to attack and survive

Dark and Darker Mobile

– ‘Barbarian,’ the fierce destroyer who explores the dungeons and defeats enemies with two-handed weapons

– ‘Rogue,’ the critical assassin who overwhelms the enemy by hiding and ambushing

– ‘Ranger,’ the threatening chaser who dominates the opponents from far away with a long-ranged bow and agility

– ‘Cleric,’ the precious fellow priest and warrior who uses the holy spell to support and heal the allies

Dark and Darker Mobile

Dungeon Crawler and Extraction Adventure

– Run away from the dark swarm that binds your character and escape the dungeon to collect treasures!

– Defeat the various monsters in the dungeon with your own action and find the hidden portals to survive!

Dark and Darker Mobile

– Battle other treasure hunters and win the invaluable treasures to complete your own character! But be aware. The treasures will only be yours after a successful escape from the dungeon.

– To take or to lose! Enjoy the beauty of battle royale in the dungeons!

Extraction RPG. Repeat to Make the Game Easier and Your Character Stronger

– Loot in the dungeon and survive to collect items and become a stronger character!

Dark and Darker Mobile

– Select the class of your choice and master the diverse weapons that fit your class!

– Learn your own way of escaping from the dungeons through breath-taking battles!

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