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Backpack Arena: Auto Battler

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | Steam

The description of Backpack Champs – Battles (by Woop Media Kft)

Short Description
Manage your backpack inventory in this auto battler game and achieve the best synergies. Three different game modes (pve and pvp), mid-fight activatable skills and environmental rules. Check your opponent’s build and customize the roundly Drafting Shop and shift the odds in your favor!

Fight against other player or non-player enemies using your backpack inventories that trigger the items it holds within automatically over the fights. Fight after fight more items are earned, so choose wisely; the items in your backpack synergize and combine together in a tetris like fashion to form newly crafted items, making for a more powerful build! After preparing your build, start the fight and lay back; watch the cute characters fight it out in one of the autoplay modes, with a polished, dynamically changing, gorgeous, 2D, fantasy environment.

Classic mode (PvP)
In this multiplayer mode, you face off against other players over multiple rounds, while expanding your backpack in size, stashed weapons, potions and other stuff you collect! Each item put in your backpack will automatically fire off to cause damage, protect or heal you, and synergize with each other. Combine items on the go as you purchase them from the shop in a deckbuilder like fashion.

Backpack Arena: Auto Battler

Arena mode (PvP)
This mode is the other multiplayer mode, where you engage in a battle royale with 9 other players over multiple rounds, fighting for survival. Those who lose 4 rounds are eliminated. Round after round develop your backpacks’ inventory while keeping an eye of yet surviving player’s inventories. See if you can emerge victorious from the autobattler arena in the end!

Backpack Arena: Auto Battler

Scenario Mode (PvE)
A single player RPG adventure mode, where you embark on a quest through a fantasy map, and pick your backpack battles! Each tile features a different challenge. Tiles not only can hold enemies on them, but also healing fountains, shops, or treasures. Build your backpack as you advance and live to see the legendary final boss at the very end!

Backpack Arena: Auto Battler

Drafting Shop Expansions
The shop drafts new merchandise each round, depending on the fighter’s class, allowing personal customization of your inventory. As you prepare for combat, choose the right items to create your own, unique build! During the game you will be offered to choose different shop expansion sets through which you can shift the odds in favor of your desired build.

Environment rules
Each round plays in a different environment and applies different effects on the characters that affects the gameplay, so prepare for them ahead of time and gain advantage over your opponents!

Backpack Arena: Auto Battler

Ultimate Powers
You can determine to fire ahead of time each round, depending on your class, to affect the outcome of a round in your favor. These powers recharge over the following rounds played so use them wisely.

Make your Preparations
Check your opponent’s build as well as the applying environmental rules before the next fight starts and prepare accordingly; adjust your build and determine whether you will need to use your ultimate power that fight.

Backpack Arena: Auto Battler

Once you have discovered your favorite builds, hone your skills further by achieving mastery! Are you able to defeat an opponent while retaining maximum health? Or defeating them before the timeout period even begins? Achieving many such masteries will yield special rewards to brag about!

Backpack Champs is inspired by many similar tactical autobattler, roguelike or roguelite, RPG games, and is similar in design to other deckbuilder games around as an autoplay game, with idle elements with a focus on inventory management with automation in combat. Your inventory is like a deck you build turn after turn with items instead of cards inside. Through your backpack battles, you have to arrange each item in a tetris like fashion inside your backpack, resulting in different synergies, then you face off against your foes in an auto fight with their very own build.

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Backpack Arena: Auto Battler
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