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Gensou Eclipse

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 東方幻想エクリプス (by CAVE Interactive CO.,LTD.)

Gensokyo, a paradise where forgotten beings gather.
In a peaceful land where humans and monsters coexist, “they” suddenly appear.
Gensokyo is thrown into chaos due to a new existence that has never existed before.
The “girls” who live there have their own thoughts and begin to move.
A great change begins that erodes illusions.


Touhou Fantasy Eclipse is an official derivative game based on Shanghai Alice’s “Touhou Project.”

Game introduction
Based on the world of the popular fantasy Touhou Project based on the original story by Shanghai Alice Genrakudan, he has created numerous shooting games such as the Angry Head Bee series, Mushihime-sama, Death Smiles, and Gothic is a Magical Maiden. New shooting created by Cave


– A profound character scenario that follows the new disaster that attacks Gensokyo from each character’s own angle.
– A game system where you can easily enjoy shooting with break attacks that can destroy barrage.
・Skill acquisition system that allows you to develop your favorite character to your own original performance

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