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Cross Brawl

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Cross Brawl (by Primeval Studios)

Get ready for an incredible adventure in our exciting and fast-paced mobile game! It’s all about battling and having a blast, whether you’re playing alone or with friends. Join us now and discover a world full of thrilling game modes that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Unleash your imagination as you unlock and upgrade a ton of awesome weapons, super cool skills, and incredible Gadgets. And guess what? You can also collect the most fantastic skins ever to make your character stand out and show off to your friends! Get ready to explore mysterious locations and embark on epic battles like never before!

There are so many fun game modes to enjoy:

-Only One (3v3): Win three rounds and be the champion of the match!
-All v All: Collect points by defeating enemies. The first player to reach 1000 points wins! You can earn points by defeating monsters or breaking things. How awesome is that?
-Team Brawl (3v3): Work together with your friends to defeat opponents and collect 1000 points for a sweet victory!
-Survival: Be the last one standing to claim the ultimate victory. Can you outlast everyone else?
-Minecart (3v3): Push your team’s minecart by standing close to it. The first team to reach the goal wins! You can even slow down the opponent’s minecart by standing near it. And if time runs out, the team that got the furthest wins!
-Bombardment: Hop into your trusty tank and blast away all the enemies to become the hero of the match. Boom!

Cross Brawl


But that’s not all! You can unlock and collect amazing weapons, skills, and upgrades to become even more powerful.


Don’t forget to check out our Brawl Pass, where you can complete missions, earn Gems, open Containers, and get exclusive skins! We’ve got fresh new content waiting for you every season.

Cross Brawl


Are you ready to become the ultimate Fighter? Climb up the leaderboards, show off your skills, and prove that you’re the best of the best!

Cross Brawl


And guess what? We’re always adding new stuff! Keep an eye out for awesome weapons, cool skins, exciting maps, special events, and even more game modes in the future.

Cross Brawl

Get ready for endless fun and excitement:

-Team up with players from around the world for epic real-time battles.
-Enjoy fast-paced multiplayer modes designed just for mobile gaming.
-Unlock a wide range of powerful weapons, skills, and upgrades that will make you unstoppable.
-Experience new events and game modes every single day.
-Play alone or team up with your friends for the ultimate adventure.
-Climb to the top of the leaderboards and become a legendary Brawler.
-Personalize your hero with awesome skins that will make you stand out.

Available: Google Play – US

Cross Brawl

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