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Idle Hero TD – Global

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Idle Hero TD (by Swell Games LLC)

In Idle Hero TD, discover a fantasy world of epic heroes, monsters, and magic! Command a team of heroes to defend your base, and stop the evil creatures from capturing the tower!

Although Idle Hero TD is an idle game that can mostly play itself (which is perfect for casual players without much free time!), it was also designed to be extremely strategic and rewarding for those who play actively and efficiently. The most powerful bonuses in the game revolve around optimizing the placements of your Heroes to activate their synergies and special abilities. A lot of planning and puzzle-solving may be required to achieve the ideal build for your personal playstyle! This is an endless idle game, so if you enjoy grinding and watching numbers go up from big to impossibly huge – this is the game for you.

Idle Hero TD

Featuring non-stop, idle, and endless gameplay! Destroy endless swarms of evil monsters to bolster power, speed, and other stats – and the more monsters you obliterate, the more heroes you’ll unlock. Face off against Ultra Bosses such as the Ancient Shadow and Exotic Alien for the most powerful rewards. Simply manage your heroes and let the auto battler defend the tower. Continue gaining progress while offline.

Idle Hero TD

Unlock 36 unique heroes, all of which have different skill sets that make tower synergy crucial to success. Determining the most effective combination of their skills and synergies will keep you entertained and speculating for weeks! Discovering new unique heroes is part of the fun in this epic TD game.

Idle Hero TD

Unlock and complete several different maps, each with different perks and requiring different strategies to defend. Find the one that suits your current goals best, and conquer its challenges!

Collect various resources to unlock several hundred upgrades, such as Research, Spells, Technology, Runes, and more!

Idle Hero TD

Idle Hero TD supports full cross-play and cross-platform functionality. Start the game on your PC, then load it up on your mobile device to continue your progress while out of the house. Compete against millions of others from around the world on Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone!

– Easy to pick up and play – no previous experience is required!
– Idle offline resource gains and progress while the game is closed!
– Endless idle auto battler combat system.
– Weekly PvP tournaments give this casual game a competitive edge.
– Complete numerous daily missions, achievements, and challenges.
– Cross-play and cross-platform support.
– Fantasy RPG-based world and classes.
– Fun, cute, and colorful artwork.

Idle Hero TD

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