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LOST: Guardians of Alicia

💡 Platform – Android

The description of LOST: Guardians of Alicia (by Playbest Limited)

📜 Developer Note:
“LOST: Guardians of Alicia” will launch the second CBT on May 17th at 10:00 AM (CEST). Step into this epic world and create your own legend!

LOST: Guardians of Alicia is a medieval fantasy role-playing game that seamlessly blends map exploration with turn-based combat. Here, you will command over a hundred heroes, embark on a mysterious journey across the continent of Alicia, and become the true guardian of the land. As you rescue the continent, unravel ancient secrets, form alliances with different racial powers, and elevate yourself in battles, immerse yourself in the legendary Chronicles of Alicia.

LOST: Guardians of Alicia

Game Features
Explore the Continent of Alicia
Embark on an adventurous journey through the diverse regions and terrains of Alicia. In each exploration, meet elves, orcs, demons, dragons, and more from over 10 different races. Explore dungeons, hunt for treasures, roll the dice, solve puzzles, and participate in various entertaining activities, shaping your unique journey as a guardian.

LOST: Guardians of Alicia

Collect Over a Hundred Heroes
The continent of Alicia boasts over a hundred heroes with unique abilities and diverse professions. They hail from different races, each with their own distinct style, eagerly awaiting the summoning of a guardian. As the ancient seals weaken, assemble your team and once again defend against the forces of evil!

LOST: Guardians of Alicia

Deep Strategic Gameplay
Enjoy multidimensional battlefield strategies where different positions, professions, and timing have a profound impact on the outcome. Understand your heroes, familiarize yourself with all combinations, and with a bit of luck, you’ll stand out in the heat of battle!

LOST: Guardians of Alicia

Rich RPG Elements
Acquire precious resources through dungeon adventures and challenging dungeons. Strengthen and upgrade your hero’s attributes by crafting equipment, synthesizing starstones, obtaining artifacts to change hero classes, and unlocking powerful skills and attributes. Constantly elevate yourself at the camp.

LOST: Guardians of Alicia

Epic Boss Battles
Do you want to challenge void demons, ancient dragons, the spider queen, or even ancient malevolent gods? Team up with guildmates or friends, form a formidable team, conquer these mighty bosses, experience epic immersive battles, and collectively embrace the glory that awaits you.

LOST: Guardians of Alicia

Seasonal Updates
Seasonal updates will unlock new areas and introduce fresh gameplay. Themes like navigation, empire , and the Emerald Habitat are on the horizon. As seasons transition, the full panorama of the continent of Alicia will gradually unfold.

Diverse Social Interactions
Guild activities, dungeon team-ups, multiplayer dungeons, arenas, and chance encounters with other players during exploration. The game provides various social platforms, allowing you to make friends almost anywhere in the continent of Alicia and embark on adventures together.

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Available: Google Play – UK, RO

LOST: Guardians of Alicia

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