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Call to Adventure: Magic Chest – Official Android

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Call to Adventure: Magic Chest (by HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited)

Enjoy this casual role-playing game’s treasure chest adventure!

Call to Adventure: Magic Chest is a beautifully drawn real-time role-playing game. You don’t have to go through laborious combat, use tedious equipment, or work hard to save experience; as soon as you enter the game, a plethora of treasure boxes await you. Have fun opening treasure chests!

Call to Adventure: Magic Chest

Continuous unboxing, unlimited explosive armor sets, and simple upgrades
The chests contain advanced equipment, level experience, and a large amount of gold; all players need to do is wait for the next chest to get them! When the golden light flashes, God-level equipment is approaching; the more you open, the better! Arm your heroes and rise to the rank of Saint Laurent’s most powerful knight!

Call to Adventure: Magic Chest

Rich systems with enjoyable activities, partner cultivation, and other features
On this continent, you are never alone; there are horsewomen, forest elves, elemental maidens, and even ghost girls… Dozens of allies are eager to fight alongside you. You and your squad will destroy demons in the forest, shop at the market, raise your own foals and compete in horse races, upgrade your wings, synthesize gems… Participate in a variety of activities with your partners, gain unique stats in different systems, live happily in Saint Laurent, and save the world with ease!

Call to Adventure: Magic Chest

Restraint counter-strategies: combat with limitless possibilities
Who is the world’s most powerful knight? Levels and numbers aren’t everything. Sometimes a little strategy and luck can help the weak become strong! The enemy is approaching! Make a perfect dodge! In a duel with other players, explore the infinite possibilities of multiple restraint counter-strategies!

Call to Adventure: Magic Chest

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