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Dark Riddle 3 – Strange Hill – Global

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dark Riddle 3 – Strange Hill (by PAGA GAMES)

The sequel to the Dark Riddle series of games.
This is a third-person adventure thriller with an interactive environment and interesting quests. Solve puzzles and uncover the secrets of a suspicious neighbour who lives in the centre of a mysterious city. Also, his brother and sister, who are no less ingenious in their plans to take over the world, come to the neighbour’s aid.

Dark Riddle 3 - Strange Hill

Your adventure begins in an unusual city where you can find many useful and unique items to interact with. You’ll meet a mysterious scientist and an alien device seller, and during the game you’ll meet unusual creatures that can be both friends and enemies. Each item and character creates a huge fascinating story.

Dark Riddle 3 - Strange Hill

You need to get into your neighbour’s house. You will find many traps, obstacles, locks and closed doors. If you’re careful, you’ll outwit all your opponents, solve puzzles, get to the mysterious car, and find out what your neighbour’s family is up to.

Dark Riddle 3 - Strange Hill

This is a free game, but some items and abilities can be purchased for real money. This will make the game easier for you and add new and exciting experiences.

Dark Riddle 3 - Strange Hill

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