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ShanHai: New Rise – NFT

💡 Platform – Android

The description of ShanHai: New Rise (by UM COMPANY)

“Shan Hai: Rise of the God of War” is a brand new MMORPG game that combines the mysterious background of the mountains and sea continent with the exciting legend of the God of War. In the game, the player will play an ordinary cultivator, follow Qin Qiong’s growth, and eventually become a powerful god of war.

ShanHai: New Rise - NFT

The background of the game is set in a realm of nothingness parallel to the mountains and seas in time and space, an era before the fall of the gods. Legends of gods and humans circulated on the continent, and the gods’ disappointment in humans caused the continent to fall into chaos. Players will embark on the path of cultivating to become gods, explore the unknown world, solve the mystery of the departure of the gods, and finally solve the crisis on the continent.

ShanHai: New Rise - NFT

The gameplay includes character growth, mission exploration, combat challenges, etc. Players can team up with other players to explore dungeons and participate in fierce combat competitions. They can also establish guilds to compete and cooperate with other guilds.
Join “Shanghai: Rise of the God of War” to experience an unparalleled adventure and create your own legendary story!

ShanHai: New Rise - NFT

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