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Sword of Mystic Shu

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Sword of Mystic Shu (by Chonglou Studio)

Sword of Mystic Shu is an MMO developed and released by Chengdu Yimoxuan-Zhonglou Studio, aiming to build an original and immersive immortal game world for the majority of Xianxia fans. In the world construction, Sword of Mystic Shu adopts a seamless large map mode, covering various historical sites in ancient Chinese culture.

Sword of Mystic Shu

On the map, human forces, monster groups, and natural treasures were scattered all over the place. There were also various fortuitous encounters for players to explore and challenge! In terms of cultivation restoration, Sword of Mystic Shu takes into account both inside and outside. Internally, there were spiritual root purification, realm breakthroughs, and cultivation techniques to strengthen himself.

Sword of Mystic Shu

Externally, there were divine weapons and immortal treasures to assist in battle. There were also grotto-heaven blessed lands, clans and sects, cultivation techniques, and other auxiliary settings to enrich the overall cultivation process.

Sword of Mystic Shu

Players will experience the whole process from an ordinary mortal stepping on the immortal path, cultivating and growing, galloping through the nine provinces, slaying demons and eliminating demons, and finally standing proudly at the top of the nine heavens–deducing the player’s own grudges and feud, and obtaining the player’s own cultivation path.

Available: Google Play – ID, TW, HK, MO, etc…

Sword of Mystic Shu

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