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Idle Hero Wars

Early access – Test + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Idle Hero Wars (by ShimmerGames)

Early Access Test Period:January 22 ~ February 4 (UTC+8)

In the land of roaming monsters on the block continent, gather numerous heroes and embark on an epic adventure!

Collect Hallows, Form Teams
Freely mix and match heroes and holy artifacts, choosing from various styles to create your invincible squad.

Idle Hero Wars

Tavern Socializing, Adventure without Fatigue
Meet heroes from all walks of life in the tavern, join forces, and venture together into a fantastical journey. Friendship is the most powerful weapon, making adventures more relaxed and enjoyable!

Challenge Dungeons, Accumulate Resources
Various dungeons await your challenge, offering rich resources to enhance your combat power. Each battle is a heroic feat against the monsters!

Idle Hero Wars

Construct Territories, Showcase Your Skills
Manage and build your exclusive territory, fully unleashing the unique abilities of each hero. Through construction, make your territory more prosperous and become the envy of other players!

Auto-Battles, Easy and Fun
Utilize the fully automatic placement gameplay to effortlessly enjoy the thrill of monster grinding. Unleash the power of your heroes, observe their brave performances on the battlefield, and experience endless fun in combat.

Available: Google Play – PH, TW

Idle Hero Wars

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