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Gods and Demons – Idle RPG

Early access – CBT + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Gods and Demons – Idle RPG (by MAXWELL INFOTECH PTE.LTD.)

As darkness looms over the mystical and legendary land of Eldra, you, a fearless young hero, are chosen as the Chosen One to fight in the epic war, destined to embark on a legendary RPG adventure that will shape the fate of the world…

Gods and Demons – Idle RPG is a legendary idle RPG. It is an RPG game with both arena and online idle RPG game elements. Summon a mighty squad of heroes to create your own fantasy team of legendary warriors. Form your very own RPG adventure legion that is full of legends. Recruit hero cards and upgrade your hero skills, and unlock more legends to destroy the evil.

Gods and Demons – Idle RPG Features:

Power of Cards: Exquisite Card Collection System
In the idle RPG game “Gods and Demons” a strategy and idle adventure RPG game, you will experience an exquisite card collection system. In this legendary and adventurous world, cards are the source of your power. Collect, nurture, and evolve a variety of powerful hero cards to create a unique and formidable lineup. Each hero card possesses unique skills and abilities, and it is up to you to cleverly combine them to overcome various challenges. Only with the most powerful lineup of hero cards can you achieve victory in idle adventure battle.

Gods and Demons - Idle RPG

Strategy Prevails: Diverse RPG Adventure Battles
Idle RPG online gameplay in an exciting legendary adventure! The game seamlessly integrates strategy and battles. Analyze the weaknesses and skills of your enemies, select the best combination of legendary hero cards, and arrange the optimal battle formations to overcome the diverse levels and monsters. Only true idle strategists can stand out in this idle legendary and challenging world. Are you ready for an adventure together?

Guild Support: Keep Peace of the Idle Legend Continent Together
You are not alone in this idle RPG battle! The guild system allows you to team up with other legendary players to safeguard the peace of the continent. In the guild, you can share idle RPG battle adventure experiences, exchange strategy tips, and provide mutual support and encouragement.

Gods and Demons - Idle RPG

Exciting Events: Win Legendary Adventure Rewards
“Gods and Demons – Idle RPG” offers a wide range of exciting idle RPG events and rewards. Participate in events, complete quests, and earn valuable adventure rewards and adventure resources to accelerate your idle RPG growth and progress. Whether it’s challenging dungeons, competing in the arena, or participating in time-limited events, you will enjoy endless legendary adventure fun and idle adventure rewards.

Glory Arena: Show Your Battle Skills
In the global arena, you will have the opportunity to compete against heroes from around the world. Showcase your battle skills and claim your own glory and rewards. Duels with top players will test your strength and strategy. Only the mightiest heroes can rise above the adventure competition and become true legends.

Gods and Demons - Idle RPG

Form your own hero legion and assemble a formidable army by recruiting. Level up your favorite heroes in this idle RPG. The idle system enables you to continuously earn more coins for improving your heroes’ skills, making your adventure easier. Fight an idle war in this free RPG and enjoy mobile gameplay at its best.

Gods and Demons - Idle RPG

“Gods and Demons – Idle RPG” immerses you in a world full of legend and adventure. As the Chosen One, you will battle the forces of darkness and create your own legend. With its exquisite hero card collection system, perfect blend of strategy and battles, guild support, diverse events and rewards, and challenging global arena, idle RPG adventure games, you will embark on an adventure.

If you are a fan of idle RPG adventure games, then don’t miss this Gods and Demons. Fearless heroes, join us and become a part of “Gods and Demons” fight alongside us, adventure together, and protect the peace of the legendary land of Eldra.

Available: Google Play – PH

Gods and Demons - Idle RPG

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