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Royal Survivor: Heroes Battle

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Royal Survivor: Heroes Battle (by Tortuga Ltd)

Royal Survivor is a 3D roguelike adventure game that puts you in the role of a mighty, warlike King. The damned Necromancer destroyed your Kingdom, kidnapped the Queen and took her to his dark castle. Restore your royal lands, gather a squad of great heroes, and hit the road to destroy waves of enemies on the way to your beloved. Are you ready to face hordes of orcs and skeletons? Bring royal justice to the forces of evil!

Exciting Battles

An explosive combo of Survivor and classic action awaits you in Royal Survivor. You will face hordes of enemies – goblins, zombies, orcs, skeletons and other monsters. Can you survive? Or will you be surrounded by enemies? Use your own strategy and the unique abilities of your heroes to survive harsh battles. Enjoy stylish 3D action!

Royal Survivor: Heroes Battle

Survive with your squad

A distinctive feature of Royal Survivor is that in our game you are not a Lonely Survivor, you have the opportunity to assemble a squad of loyal heroes – defenders of the Kingdom. Which hero will you choose? A mighty Knight with his orc-killing spear or an agile Assassin with sharp, deadly daggers? Or maybe a warlike Magician who burns his enemies to cinders? Gather a squad of your favorite heroes and become the best King in Royal Survivor!

Royal Survivor: Heroes Battle

Rebuild the Kingdom from ruins

As the legendary fearless King, you take on the responsibility of rebuilding the devastated Kingdom. Improve the King’s abilities in the Castle, collect legendary armor in the Forge and level up your heroes in the Barracks to guarantee your victory! The Magic Tower will allow you to learn spells and discover new magical heroes.

Royal Survivor: Heroes Battle

Explore and discover

Explore new biomes and new types of enemies. Your journey will take you through the sands of the Boundless Desert, Dark Dungeons, the Frozen Sea followed up with the most dangerous lands of the Volcanic Ash and the Necromancer’s Citadel.

Royal Survivor: Heroes Battle

Game features:

– Everything can be done with one hand! Destroy hordes of monsters with one finger;
– Combine random abilities, spells and heroes to enhance their abilities!
– Upgrade and equip your King. Collect a legendary set for him and fight back his enemies!
– Restore the Kingdom’s former power and gain an advantage in the battle;
– Enjoy colorful biomes, 3D graphics and animations;
– Complete all the chapters and save the Queen from the dirty hands of the vile Necromancer!

Royal Survivor: Heroes Battle

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