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Toyverse – Toy Stickers & Fun

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Toyverse – Toy Stickers & Fun (by Cocone Publishing)

Welcome to Toyverse, the world of stickers!
Embark on a magical journey with a staggering 100 types of dazzling stickers. Create your unique toy and take on the fantastical adventures of Toyverse! Set off now into a world filled with fun mini-games and thrilling explorations with friends!

Craft your special toy!
It’s up to you how you use the myriad of stickers. From retro stickers to stylish ones, freely use them to craft your exclusive and splendid toy. Flaunt your one-of-a-kind toy to your friends!


Embark on adventures with friends!
An invitation to an adventure awaits! Join hands with friends and explore unknown plazas and campsites. Take on missions to discover hidden, fantastic stickers scattered around. Relish exhilarating moments with various mini-games and pen down new tales through collaborative quests. Plus, experience mysterious adventures in exclusive spaces just for your group!


Share your cherished memories!
Are you ready to dive into the world of Toyverse? Every moment here, filled with charming streets and surprising gimmicks, is special. Capture the most extraordinary moments of your delightful adventures with friends in selfies. Radiant memories can only be made here in Toyverse. Share this feel-good experience with everyone!


Desire rare stickers?
Brighten your day with sparkling stickers. Toyverse has an array of captivating stickers waiting for you, including those that’ll make you exclaim, “Wow! I must have this!” Here’s a secret: in the future, you might even come across limited-edition stickers from world-renowned artists! Toyverse is the perfect space for those who adore cuteness, creativity, and have a passion for valuable items. Come on, start that exhilarating journey in Toyverse now!


Adventurer at the heart of the world!
This is a place where you can embark on endless adventures, joining hands with friends from all over the world. Complete thrilling missions with friends and discover unknown worlds through various explorations. Not only that, the precious memories you make with new acquaintances in Toyverse will shine like stars in your travel diary. When we all meet in this new world, Toyverse, boundaries fade, leaving only joy behind!

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