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Code: Seigetsu

Early access(CN) – Test + APK

💡 Platform – Android | PC

The description of 代號:星月 (by Studio Dois Private Limited)

Travelers, welcome to Star-Moon Continent! Here, the mysterious inner world and the outer world influence each other, and the arrival of the Lord of Shadows pushes the world into the abyss of collapse. As the “Miracle Son” of Xingyue, in this magnificent adventure, embark on a fantasy journey with your friends to explore the Seven Seals of God, contend with the shadows, and rebuild the world order.

Featured gameplay:
Refreshing combos and gorgeous alley-oops
Experience the unique thrill of combat. Each character has gorgeous aerial combo skills, combined with a full range of three-dimensional action design, allowing you to perform varied combos in battle and experience unparalleled combat pleasure.


Different gameplay and unique professional features
Breaking the monotonous gameplay, each profession has its own unique characteristics. You can choose the most suitable profession according to your own preferences and develop different gaming experiences.


Diverse equipment, rich combinations of terms
Different from the single-equipment gameplay, a rich variety of equipment and ability affixes are provided here. You can choose different equipment and entry combinations according to different levels and bosses, challenge the limits, and create your own absolute powerhouse.


Team formation and shocking giant beasts to fight together
Challenging giant bosses requires teamwork and understanding. Form a team with friends or other players to defeat powerful enemies and strive for rich rewards. Here, the real adventure starts with the team!

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