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The Scroll of Spirits

Early access – CBT + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of The Scroll of Spirits (by Playbest Limited)

“In the midst of cosmic chaos, the creator Pangu was born. Eons later, Pangu split apart the heavens and earth, creating the vast world of Great Wilderness. Thence, a war between gods and demons broke out and lasted tens of thousands of years. The conflict shattered the world, plunging the myriad realms into devastation. The great god Pangu sacrificed himself, and turned into a towering tree known as Kongsang, exhausting his divine power to save the desolate world from peril.

The Scroll of Spirits is set in such a world. This Eastern-inspired fantasy RPG mobile game features exquisite Chinese-style hand-drawn graphics, 6 on 6 strategic battles, and hundreds of mythical heroes who journey with you through a fantastical adventure in the land of legends and tales.

The Scroll of Spirits

Game Features:

– Myriads of Heroes to Accompany You
Unveil the legends of ancient epic heroes, encounter them in the game, fight alongside them, and save the world.

The Scroll of Spirits

– Myth and Lore in Unique Visual Style
The game uses unique hand-drawn Chinese ink art to paint a world filled with magic and mythical creatures from the East. Heroes and beasts come to life with mesmerizing colors and special techniques.

The Scroll of Spirits

– Fight Your Way to the Top of the Magical World
With 6 on 6 strategic battles, five factions of heroes, and the ability to freely place heroes in your formation, put your strategic mind to the test.

The Scroll of Spirits

– Countless Free Summons Await You in the Game
Join the game and get 1000 free summons. Collect stunning heroes and level them up with ease.

Official Facebook Page:

Available: Google Play – PH, MY, SG

The Scroll of Spirits
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