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Destiny M: Awakened Valkyrie

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 운명M: 깨어난 발키리 (by Leniu Games)

Once upon a time, Talandria was a mysterious continent blessed by the gods. It was a mysterious and beautiful world where civilization flourished and magic and science and technology coexisted.
However, as the gods’ protection gradually disappeared, evil quietly invaded, and Talandria became a paradise for various bloodline monsters.

As a survivor, you accidentally obtain a sword containing the soul of a Valkyrie. The mystical weapon grants you great power, giving you the ability to battle fearsome demons and giant dragons.

But other forces also seek and aspire to that power, so you have to face challenges and threats from within and without…
Taking a cue from Valkyrie, you will explore this land plagued by war and magic and gradually uncover its hidden secrets…

운명M: 깨어난 발키리

Game Features

Explore! A surreal fantasy world
With a 360° panoramic view where you can freely fly through the sky, go on a journey using a variety of vehicles on land, sea and air! While taking a walk by the lake, you may encounter a mysterious fate! Here, all your fantasies may become reality as you discover secret events with your friends!

운명M: 깨어난 발키리

Fierce battle! Battles occur anytime, anywhere
This is a war-loving continent! Large-scale battle scenes of over 1000 people can be seen anywhere! You can send battle requests to other players at any time, and use PVP skills exclusive to each class to hone your combat skills and ignite your PK passion. Let your name spread across the continent of Talandria and become a legend of your time!

운명M: 깨어난 발키리

Destiny! Blood-boiling epic campaign
The red tornado means Nedhog is on the run! The continent of Talandria needs your help! Battle against the life-scorching wrath of the red dragon with a sword imbued with the soul of Valkyrie! This is your destiny!

운명M: 깨어난 발키리

Awakening! Valkyrie’s power added
Using the guardian spirit system, you can summon the spirit of the Valkyrie within your weapon at critical times in battle, and inherit the Valkyrie’s mysterious power to deliver a fatal blow that will turn the tide of battle! Let the world feel God’s wrath!

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – South Korea

운명M: 깨어난 발키리
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