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Wizard World: Magic Merge

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Wizard World: Magic Merge (by GamesTown)

Magic Merge Puzzle Game! Tale of World of Wizards, Witches, and Magic Schools: A magical merge games adventure for all ages. A casual merge magic game is waiting for you to explore and get lost in the wizard world.

Wizard World: Magic Merge

Hi, I am Aria, and ever since ‘That day’, after Merlin’s rescue, I am a magic school student, living a magic merge life in the world of wizards. Looking for my merge town, mansion, or garden.

There’s magic in Merge – Wizard World is one of the most fun and addictive merge games. Merge to create magical elements—to explore the magical school of Arcane Academy. It’s a fable of merge game and magical young student Aria and her friends.

Wizard World: Magic Merge

Do you love merge puzzle games or merge games set in a garden or mansion? Then this is a magical merge game for you set in a world of wizards and witches.

Epic story of prophecy child, dark witches and wizards, non-magical people, magic school, types of magic—elemental magic, herbology, transfiguration, arcane, divination, flying broomsticks, brewing potions, and enchantments. It’s a tale of magical world that we all dream to play. So, lost into this wonderful magical world of merge witches and wizards. This is the best puzzle merge game for you.

An epic and adventure-filled magical world and story.
Merge, build, and explore—unlock Potion Brewery, spell towers, the herbology lab, and other parts of Arcane Magic School.

Wizard World: Magic Merge

Are you into magic-merge games of puzzle merge games? Then this is for you; there are also dragons available to merge and create new ones. May be. Event encounter dragons and merge, or mansion. Merge items, discover new items, and have fun with events.There’s a forbidden forest full of magical creatures like hippogriffs, phoenixes, dragons, and more for you to explore in a relaxing merging games. Design, build a mansion, match and merge magical items.

Wizard World is a matching puzzle merge game set in magic school. Play this relaxing merge puzzle game, you cannot play it without the internet. Have fun exploring Arcane Magic School and the adventures of Aria and Headmaster Merlin.

Wizard World: Magic Merge

Game Features:
A relaxing deep dive into the world of magic: wizards, witches, magical creatures, spells, potions, herbology, flying broomsticks, etc.
1000+ magical objects for you to merge and match and build the merge magic school
Merge dragons and other magical creatures to create bigger and better epic level in Forbidden Forest
An epic tale of Aria, headmaster Merlin, Morgana and other students
3 Houses in Arcane school of Magic—Valerfire, Purecrest and Mysticwood—choose your house wisely
New events every week

Available: Google Play – US

Wizard World: Magic Merge

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