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Blood City

Soft Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Blood City (SkyRise Digital Pte. Ltd.)

Blood City is an apocalyptic themed real-time strategy MMO game. You are one of the surviving Commanders left on a land overrun by zombies. Lead survivors to rebuild shelters, gather resources, and assemble armies. All for the sake of survival!

Open World Map – Explore Ruins Freely
Experience earth after the meteorite struck. Shrink and expand the map at your will, get a bird’s eye view of the entire world. Send a team to dispel the fog and craft a unique map to create more options for survival.


Free Moving Army – Real-time Battle
A new free-command system lets you adjust your army’s path freely, add more units to attack, defend, or gather! In this ever-changing landscape, you must use stay in command at all times. Strategize and build a new home for humans.


Cloning Miracle – Legendary Heroes
With danger all around, humans need more help. Find Hero shards that are scattered around the world, and revive them using cloning technology. Whether they’re a general or a king, they will fight for you!


Base Construction – Shelter Survivors
Don’t expose yourself to the wilderness. Build your Shelter, start farms, fortify walls, develop weapons, and of course, find more survivors. Train them to be doomsday warriors and fight against the zombies!


Guild Alliance – Fight for Resources and the Truth
There is strength in unity. Join a guild and expand your territory to get more resources for your guildmates. As you gather more intelligence, the secret behind the zombie outbreak will soon be revealed. Fight across servers, be the best Commander and obtain the truth!

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Available: Google Play – (PH, MY, CY, FJ, MT, IS, GU, FM, MC, CX, PL, MK, ZA, IL, GR, BE, CZ, AT)

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