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Fade Away

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 神隱之子 (by Lohas Games Pte. Ltd.)

-Other world adventure, Supernatural! Start a different life from scratch

After a disaster of unknown origin and raging with malicious intent, the stage of the story, “Suiqiu”, suffered a devastating blow. Ghosts, gods and monsters are dormant here and quietly causing trouble. In order to investigate the source of the mutation, as the “Son of Shenyin”, you came to the mysterious country where ghosts and humans are entangled. Here, you will be separated between the real world and the eternal world, and start an unknown and dark adventure from scratch.

-Unit puzzle reasoning! There is more than one truth

Several interlocking suspenseful events, although seemingly independent, are hiddenly related to each other. There are various design ingenuities buried in a series of continuous and transitional plot experiences. You need to interact with characters and scenes, patiently collect clues, and solve puzzles. Who is the real murderer? What is the motive? You need to solve the mystery and find out the truth!


-Whether it is friend or foe, break the situation! The direction of your destiny is up to you

Multiple forces such as the Ping An Institute, the Exorcism Department, the Aragami, and the Hidden Gate will appear one after another! They have very different personalities and check and balance each other. Do you need to choose whether to join forces with one of the parties, or to balance multiple forces to restrict each other? Create an exclusive team immediately, unlock their unknown experiences, and work together to reach the ending of the story!


-Strategy to defeat the enemy and form an array! Massive skill chain reaction

Experience 2D turn-based combat and the innovative [Ghost and God Arms] combat system, seize the opportunity on the battlefield, and skillfully combine the “Law Phase” skills with different attributes to strategically arrange the characters. Combine attacks with team characters and combine massive customized skills. Double the monster-fighting experience!


Gorgeous special effects are on fire! Unleash full-screen ultimate combos

Find the best Combo combination and tap with one finger to unleash the full-screen ultimate move. Let gorgeous light and shadow bloom one after another on the battlefield, bringing you the ultimate visual enjoyment! Let’s start a fast-paced battle!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO, MY, SG


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