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Order Daybreak

Early access – CBT – Android

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Order Daybreak (by NEOCRAFT LIMITED)

📜 Developer Note:

  • Dear Anomalists,
  • First and foremost, thank you for your support and interest in “”Order Daybreak””. We are pleased to inform you that the server will officially open to all Anomalists on March 29, 2024, at 06:00 (GMT+8). You are cordially invited to join us and experience the game.
  • Test Type: Data Wipe Beta Test
  • Test Region: Philippines

Step into the twilight of humanity, and embrace the dawn of a new legacy!

Order Daybreak, an ARPG that deftly weaves post-apocalyptic resilience with sci-fi marvels and anime-inspired grace. Experience combat in full swing from a dynamic 2.5D perspective, where strategic movement and skillful play reign supreme. As an Aegis Warrior [异能战士] in this sheltering sanctuary, gather unique allies and stand united against the corruption that sprawls before you, seeking salvation for a world on the edge.

Order Daybreak

Game Features:

Allies in the Apocalypse
Traverse treacherous landscapes to forge alliances with diverse allies. Develop their unique skills to build a synergistic force capable of turning despair into dominance.

Order Daybreak

Strategic Combat Synergy
Refine your reflexes and engage with precision—the essence of our real-time combat system. Each move is a step towards victory, each skill cast is your signature on the battlefield.

Order Daybreak

Shape Your Legacy
Choose from a multitude of classes, each offering distinctive paths of progression. Whether you yearn for the front lines or support from the shadows, redefine your warrior’s journey again and again.

Order Daybreak

Survival in Style
Equip your survivor with gear that’s both striking and sturdy, and ride into battle on mounts, each engineered for dominance in a world reclaimed from ruin.

Order Daybreak

Global Alliances
With cross-server play, witness ever-shifting alliances and rivalries. Join forces with players worldwide in this seamless integration of cooperation and competition.

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Available: Google Play – PH

Order Daybreak

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